With the diversification and younger age of application for studying abroad, the competition of GPA and language scores has become fierce, and the publication of papers and scientific research internships have also become new battlefields for background improvement. How to enrich your resume most efficiently under the pressure of urgent application time, highlight your professional background, use the least time and energy to stand out from thousands of applications, and at the same time gain dry goods of scientific research skills? That's right, what you need is a high-quality and important foreign scientific research internship!

Scientific research internships help study abroad:

Research internship experience is a very important aspect. If you have foreign research experience in the corresponding professional direction, it will be of great help to apply for a formal study abroad program. At the same time, more and more students want to experience the learning environment of the target school and the local living habits before studying abroad, so that they can adapt to the life of studying abroad as soon as possible after officially studying abroad. Students with different educational backgrounds (undergraduate, postgraduate) can gain a high-quality foreign scientific research internship experience in this program.

This project service is aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates who intend to study abroad (mainly students majoring in science and engineering)



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